Slowmo Slow Motion iPhone App – Relax Your Video ~

Slowmo Slow Motion iPhone App can create slow motion or fast motion on your iPhone – Slowmo is simple and easy to edit and then place in your movie right on your iPhone.

(~ If you are into editing movies of any kind a great book on editing is this book I love  Film Editing: Great Cuts Every Filmmaker and Movie Lover Must Know ~)

Main Features:
Creates Slow motion  or Fast motion video (iPhone 4 + 3GS)
No video quality degradation no matter how many times you adjust speed.


Includes full description of functions in the app.

Fun Factor:

There is nothing more fun than making someone jump around real fast and sound like a chipmunk – and more glamorous than eating fried chicken real, real slowly : o )

Video Demo:
Here is a quick look at the Slowmo app

App Store Link: Slowmo : Price: $.99 …Company Page:

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